Google’s SideWiki – keeping us on our toes to respond


I have a  client, sad to say, that would prefer to be removed from Google results and especially Yahoo.  This is because they have a lot of bad feedback, comments, rantings.  I did my job and got them high rankings, traffic – exposure.  This has resulted in more venues for unhappy clients of theirs to sound off.  We have tried to combat with positive feedback received. We don’t post anything that isn’t true.  It isn’t enough to fight this battle.  The client didn’t like my solution: be better at what you do.

We should be accountable, not to the gadflies, but to our customers and listen to their feedback.  If they are consistently unhappy with the same issues, those issues need to be addressed and responded to.  Be proactive, be responsive. Do something with the valuable feedback now available everywhere on your company.

The final push I’m giving you is to ASK for feedback more regularly. Ask after an event, a meeting, a project – find out immediately how they felt it went and what was missing. This is how they know it matters to you, you gain valuable information to improve what you offer them and they feel better served.