April 22, 2020: DMAnc Event. 2 hour course to teach you how to produce a podcast - the nuts and bolts and logic..
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This course helps you avoid pitfalls that other courses don’t teach you. You’ll master how to choose your host and guests so your listeners will want to share episodes and talk about the value your company provides, determine the best venue to host your podcast, the logic to setting up systems that work for everyone, as well as how to submit to all podcast services. As a bonus, at the end of this course, you’ll be able to download checklists and a set of templates for typical podcast graphics, social media sharing, service icons and more.

Honoring My Public Relations Mentors

The day flies as I whirl between working on DNS servers, cleaning up code, creating new pages, new designs and writing up scopes for software.  I forget from time to time what I'm really good at – Community Public Relations.  I don't mean PR for communities, I mean PR at the local level – where small businesses live.

Many years ago (1996) I had two fantastic mentors in this arena, Greg Smith of Greg Smith Communications and Wing Lam of Wahoo's Fish Taco.  They both came into my life about the same time I began my non-profit, Binky Patrol. 

Greg's expertise was at media training by teaching those who will be before the camera or at the opposite end of a reporters questions how to answer.  The biggest lesson – NEVER say, "no comment."  One of our biggest clients was Leisure World in what is now, the city of Laguna Woods, CA.  18,000 residents with a lot of time on their hands to stir it up in the media. Can I just say two words, "Hemlock Society".  We had a lot of fires to put out and a lot of amazing people to share with the world.  We still help them, after all these years, with regards to their online presence and marketing.

Wing Lam is a genius as putting companies and causes together for the good of everyone.  He showed me how, by taking my dare, extreme sports guys, fish tacos and a charity making blankets for children in need can generate a ton of publicity for everyone without a lot of effort.  Wahoo's is a tremendous example of being a part of the community AND making a profit AND having a lot of fun.

In continuing the lessons taught by both of them I've been having fun creating online and community events for my clients that benefit everyone.  I wake up in the middle of the night with another IDEA. 

Thank you, Greg and Wing!