Just Launched: Lakeview Golf Course

Sc-lakeviewgolfcourse Lakeview Golf Course is in Meridian, Idaho.  They are part of a group of golf courses that include:  MeadowCreek Golf Course and BanBury Golf Course in Eagle, Idaho

Since most of the same staff and pros work on all of these sites, having a consistent admin interface is crutial to make the best use of their time.

It's hard to want to update a website when there is such gorgeous weather on the courses!

This site uses Commpro's CMS.  The admin for this CMS is very friendly.  They wanted to keep expenses down on the design, so they opted to follow the basic look of the other two course sites making template development quick and the admin elements familiar to staff.

One of the goals of the golf pro is to offer video tips. Look for that in the coming months on Youtube.