Coffee Cup’s Sitemapper, almost perfect for my needs.

I have enjoyed some of the Coffee Cup tools over the past few years.  I started using their Sitemapper tool when it first came out and have enjoyed how it works with the search engines.  It's handy, easy to use and easy to configure.

Recently I added a new client to my routine.  This is where this review goes awry. 

This site is one that I have high ranking priveliges and a login for the front and back end.  When I ran Coffee Cup's Sitemapper – just the scan tool – I was not logged into this site. I did not have anything open to the site.  Yet, the sitemapper tool ran through the entire site with the highest login privileges.  Within the templates was a flaw in the forum of a one click delete link in the forums.

Since the Sitemapper follows all links in the site, it followed the delete, which is usually only accessible by the highest ranking access.  The forum was partially wiped out.  I noticed it was hanging in the scan and decided to do it later.  That's when I noticed the most recent month's postings were wiped out.

Now we have two not so great things happening here:  Stupid to ever have a straight one-click delete link in the forum threads. That has been remedied.

Why would Coffee Cup's Sitemapper run through the private ends of the site?  It should not have been in the logged in only views without some sort of permission set.  There are files you can exclude, but there wasn't any mention that I could find that if you have a log in for a site, "Do not run Coffee Cup's Sitemapper because it will follow ALL links as if you are logged in."  This would not have been a problem, except for that issue of the flawed one-click delete link on three templates with over 20,000 postings.

Happy ending – we had a back up so only a few hours of postings were lost. It's not a perfect happy ending, but it could have been much worse.

Again, this is a fun product, handy, etc. but be careful using it on more complex sites.  It's not worth it to me to experiment on any other database driven sites unless I've done all of the programming myself to ensure there are no one-click delete links.

This is not a negative review, it is posted to make you aware before you just leap into it as your solution.