Gift ideas that are unique: buy a domain for that new baby.

You never know where it will lead.

How many plastic toys, layettes and blankets does a new baby need?  Once the basics are covered, why not give a unique gift that shows your belief that this child will go onto greatness, or at least success?  Buy the baby a domain.  You never know what the future holds for children, why not believe in them and secure their for at least 5 years. Their parents can decide to keep it going, or you can at that point.

If you do this, be sure to register it with an email address you're pretty sure you'll have in five years.  Have the domain registrar list the parents as the administrative contact and you as the technical to ensure it won't laspe when it's time for those notifications.  Have it auto renew so that if you have other domains, your email will always be current for these notifications and you can forward it to the parents.

After you buy the domain – just the domain – no hosting, no email, print up the technical details to put in to the gift box or card so the parents have the info as well.

What if the first and last name are taken?  Add in that middle initial.  Our children have one with firt and last and the other one had to have the middle initial added.

They are 9 and almost 6 years old.  Our daughter is enjoying emailing her friends with an approved list. They actually write complete sentences since there will be no smart phones for our children until they are 13.  We're cc'ed on all emails going both ways to keep track of what they are sharing and with whom. It's been a joy to see her friendships grow with thoughtful and kind thoughts flying back and forth.

They each have a private blog for photos and stories.  It's password protected and only family and select friends can see the content.  They love being able to express themselves and try new skills.