WEO Connect and Grow SoMe Panel Wildly Successful

Last night a group of around 100 people gathered at Madison's Bar and Grill's meeting space to learn more about the overwhelming topic of SoMe – that's Social Media to most people.  Everyone was eager to learn how to grow their businesses through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and blogging.  There were a lot of fears tackled, misconceptions tossed out the window and eyes opened wide.  We also heard many "aha" moments at the various panel discussions after the overview presentation by Marlynn Schotland of Urban Bliss Design and founder of ThePowerMOB.com.

DSC02901 Thank you to WEO for inviting me to be the panel leader for blogging.  The four presenters didn't have connectivity – password issues with Madison's network, so we all had our laptops open as props. It worked out better for me.  Our table engaged in a lively discussion firing back questions and answers about the purpose of blogging and how to use it to save time and increase business.

Many attending the blogging table were blown away by what they thought they knew blogging to be and learned what it can do for their business and image.  The time flew and several people never made it to the other panels.  I have to admit to being so wound up sharing ideas with people and watching the lights go on to new marketing strategies.

Marlynn's overview helped to break down, what she refers to as the trifecta of SoMe: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  She likened LinkedIn to suit and tie, Facebook to a more casual gathering or reunion of friends and family and referred to Twitter as the cocktail party – fast-paced, friendly, quick conversations.

By the time the hour was over for the panel discussions, many were lingering at my table to set appointments for consultations and marketing plans.  I hadn't expected that and had participated to stir new ideas and help dismiss old conceptions of a business website.

The main idea I hope my discussion group took away were:

1. A blog IS a website.  It's a simple content management website (CMS).

2. If you're going to have a static, brochure site, why not make it a blog back end to maximize your effort and information in the search engine results?

3. Take the time to write well.  Don't toss anything up there just to meet your post quota for the week.

4. Use the free tools that are out there to further push your information to all venues and feed services.



If you would like to set a consultation with me to go over these ideas and how they fit your  business, feel free to set an in-person appointment or on the phone consultation.  1 hr minimum at $75.  With a two hour brainstorming/consult, you'll end the meeting with a big to-do list, many ideas you can implement yourself or hire someone like me to do for you – no obligation, but consultation fees are due in advance via PayPal or check.