SmileCare: 56 Facebook pages for 56 locations SoMe BLITZ!

Sc-smilecare-fblocation SmileCare Family Dentistry has been a client for several years.  We just came off a highly successful dental symposium and moved into a social media blitz with Facebook.  We've had location pages/profiles on their main website, including which dentists are at which office.  Those are updated each month, inculding specialties.

Since a very high percentage of their patients and potential patients use Facebook heavily, we decided to expand their presence from one page to 58 pages – one for each location, their main page and a careers page to pull in current opportunities.

In addition to setting up the pages, we took it a few steps futher. Their main site, uses a CMS and has a banner ad system, DIY forms and RSS feeds for all content.  I created several Facebook only ads for tracking purposes and to fit the size, a custom Facebook backgound. All of these items are hosted in the main site admin which allows the client to update any element displaying in Facebook with a few clicks.

In each location page, I created a custom FBML tab to display their ads.  We can change them as each promo changes, without having to edit the FBML tab code. It's all handled by the site admin! 

Their site also has RSS feeds.  Those are also pushing to the wall for each location page to keep it fresh without a lot of effort – update the site or blog, it updates FB.

Here's the list of pages: