Page Title Character Limit

There will be differing opions on this topic of page titles, but the current belief is that you have 60 – 70 characters that will actually be considering in the weighting of your pages.  For those of you who try to cram in your keywords on EVERY page title:

Sales Lead Management Association as an example, there isn't much left to make the rest of the title unique, especially when posting news articles by notable authors.  Make every character count.  What will increase your search engine visibility without losing your branding on every page?  Is there a way to shorten your name in the title leaving more space for unique words that pertain to the specific content of that page?

This was a recent discussion on WebWorld

Excerpt from the discussion is here:

Search engines usually considering up to 60 characters (including space) in the title tag, however you can use 1 or 3 keywords within 60 characters search engine spiders will crawl them.

I do see your concern Hamilton. There are a few things to consider though before making a judgement as to whether breaking up your longer title tag to become more targeted to keyword sets.

    * The semantic relation between the key phrases is taken into consideration
    * The strength of the links pointing to your website
    * The relativity of the anchor text within links pointing to the home page and (most likely) their sub-related pages
    * The structure of your website – your internal linking structure combined with pages you've directed users to the most.

Many variables.

Rather than: Pet Food|Cat Care|Dog Walking Equipment

Try: Pet Food & Cat Care as well as Dog Walking Equipment to make it more of a descriptive sentence of the content on that page rather than just keywords or phrases.