This Friday, February 25th from 6pm-9pm at Sip D’Vine off 7829 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, several Oregon  women will be awarded MOMtrepreneurs Red Dress Society’s ‘Angel Awards’.   

The Red Dress Society’s ‘Angel Awards’ program, founded by Angelina and Daniel Musik-Comp, recognizes women behind social causes or non-profits, nominated by their communities from Portland to Beaverton to Umpqua River,  for demonstrating how to make a difference in other’s lives. 

2011 Red Dress Society 'Angel Award' Winners by Angelina Musik-Comp, founder of MOMtrepreneurs.

Welcome Oregon’s 2011 ‘Angel Award’ Recipients.


‘Children’s Advocacy Angel Award goes to Susan Finch, Founder and President of Portland, Oregon’s Binky Patrol Comforting Covers for Kids. Nominated by Marlys D. Vaughan who says, “Susan is an inspiration to all of us who work with her and it gives me great pleasure to nominate her for this award.  We make blankets and give them away to children and teens in need of comfort.”

'Infant's Advocacy Angel Award' goes to Shafia M. Monroe, Founder of International Center for Traditional Childbearing, Portland, Oregon . Nominated by Marguerite Hall, “Shafia has pioneered the cause of reducing infant mortality among the Black populations in the world and African-Americans in the United States since 1983. Miss Monroe runs her grassroots organization with limited resources, the dedication of volunteers and a minimal staff.”

'Women's Advocacy Angel Award' goes to Nancy Engeman, Co-founder and Executive Director of Come Rest Awhile (CRA), in Lake Oswego, Oregon, has won the. Nominated by Lillian Hurlock who says, “Nancy has dedicated her life to helping women in their recovery from substance abuse. CRA offers a safe and supportive home with a family atmosphere for women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.”

‘Volunteer Leadership Angel Award' goes to Donelle Manton, Founder of Tres Islas Orphanage Fund, in Umpqua River, Oregon. Nominated by her husband Tom Manton, “I believe it's important to share her story with others, to touch their hearts, to inspire them, give them hope and a chance to develop a sense of purpose. This began 23 years ago when Donelle was sent to Mazatlan on an assignment to "photograph the children of Mexico." 

‘Arts & Culture Angel Award’ goes to Amy Henderson, Founder of The Geezer Gallery, in Portland, Oregon. Nominated by Natasha Niro, “Amy challenges ageist thinking and stereotypes by providing opportunities for older adults to participate in the creative arts for both financial profit and personal edification. Ms. Henderson’s desire is to create a platform supporting artistic endeavors for older adults.”

'Humanitarian Angel Award' goes to Monica Beemer, Executive Director of Sisters of the Road, Portland, Oregon,. Nominated by Maureen A. Kenney and Sue Staehli,” Monica is a truly inspirational and visionary leader. She realizes that we are not separate. She approaches her work with deep compassion and listening; makes all people feel welcomed and valued. ~ Monica has shown me how nonviolence, gentle personalism and consensus-based decision making can become foundational to a strong culture of growth and innovation."

'Public Service Angel Award' Sharon Strauss.  Founder/Director of the Sunshine Pantry in Beaverton, Oregon nominate by Becky Pardo-Jarvis who says, “Sharon Straus is a woman with a big heart and an incredible mission to help our local community with food, household goods.” Dave Bishop, Beaverton Police Chief shares "She's the most giving person I've ever met and is a godsend to us. We send people her way and she's there for them." 

The ‘Angel Award’ process encourages supporters, sponsors and philanthropists to direct their resources to ‘Angel Award’ recipients that have demonstrated their assertive use of this opportunity. ‘Angel Award’ winners consistently campaigned for their cause, during this process, by inviting beneficiaries of their programs and supporters to share their experiences at TheRedDressSociety.com.

"The Red Dress campaigning for causes strategy, and awarding the women behind them is ingenious! To see these women confident enough to tell others to share the impact their work has made deserves to continue to be funded and recognized," comments a seasoned philanthropist.


The Red Dress Society ‘Angel Awards’ comes from the heart of Angelina and Daniel Musik-Comp, founders and advocates for 21 million micro-businesses and non-profits around the U.S., and founders of the 2x SBA Awarded MOMtrepreneurs and MEN trepreneurs.


“Our goal in launching this venue was to filter the assertive non-profits and social enterprises from the non-assertive, while marketing all of the nominees through this platform, leveling the playing field a bit in the process.”


For media inquiries, donations or to become a sponsor to support this endeavor and benefit from the website voting traffic please contact Angelina Musik-Comp at 210.557.4780, Angelina@ TheRedDressSociety.com.

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