Redesigned, new functions – Whew!

Nrba2011 This was a major project that has just been completed.  The original (National REO Brokers Association) design had been modified so much with functions added, moved along the way that it just looked awful, and the President of NRBA, Michael Krein wanted a change to offer more benefits to his members.

In addition to the new design, member functions were added to enhance their experience including certifications questions that would assist potential clients in assigning properties to members.  Member search has been greatly simplified and enhanced at the same time.  Next phase, modifying the forums module.  80% of this site is private and only viewable by members of the NRBA.  Trust us, there is a lot behind this home page.

Crystal & Michael Krein did an amazing job working with me on this project, choosing photos, layout and content.  It was a long process with huge results.  Thank you NRBA!