1,000+ Quilts Need a Ride to Japan

Binky Patrol Comforting Covers for Kids put out a challenge and it was met!  We have over 1,000 quilts made by amazing volunteers to send to Japan.

We usually focus on our local area shelters and needs, but this was as special request and everyone stepped up to help:

People have been very generous and have made an extra effort because of the horrific nature of this disaster.  Some people have written notes in Japanese and  attached them to the quilts.  And then there is the woman who hand pieced and hand quilted her quilt. It is the first and only one she will ever make as sh  has arthritis now and can no longer do hand work.  These are the stories that make me feel so strongly that the quilts HAVE to go to Japan.

Can you help us get them there?  Can you give us a contact in Japan to deliver them too? Please let me know:  sfinch@binkypatrol.org