Basic Branding Checklist

  1. Do you have a domain that matches your company? Not or – but your OWN domain?  GET ONE.
  2. Did you set up an email account to MATCH that domain?  DRIVE THAT DOMAIN HOME!  Set up the email.  Everything about your business needs to tie to that domain.
  3. Do you reply from that email and not simply forward to your Yahoo or Gmail account?  Make sure you do reply from the same email address for consistency.  Gmail makes it easy to allow you to check many accounts AND send from those same accounts automatically. (if you don't understand this, get help from a professional).
  4. Do you have your contact info in your email signature.  Oh, back up – do you have an automated email signature?  MAKE ONE.
  5. Does your email signature include the following:  first, last, company, DIRECT LINE, email address, URL?  Why email address you wonder?  Well, sometimes people forward your emails and they'll need a way to reach you and perhaps give you more business.  Have it all in there! 
  6. Do your business cards and website match in look?  You want people to know they've arrived at the right place.  Matchy, matchy, matchy.
  7. Do you have a personalized voicemail message on your office phone AND cell phone? Have you called it lately?  Listen to hear what your clients and potential clients will hear.  Will they feel valued and important?  Will they be happy when you return their call?

This wil get you started today.  I'm going to learn to do this better myself at a wonderful branding workshop event by Jen Barth from BigSmall Brands.