Reviewing Mura CMS Again

It's been a couple of years since I had my first experience with Mura's CMS.  I'm back to it as a solution for another client who needs a full CMS with all of the features Mura has to offer.  The newest of which is MURA HOSTING.  This is what's about to make Mura my new favorite CMS solution.

I don't want the hassle of installing and staying current on the latest upgrades. I'd prefer to give them the hosting money to ensure all new features are available to me as the are developed.  Mura has also started their own weekly online sessions, The Mura Show, to cover new features and take any questions from customers or potential customers. I appreciate a company that wants to stay in touch with its customer base regularly and who addresses all issues without a filter.

They also seemed to have addressed any previous concerns I had in my earlier review of their product from two years ago.  I have not used their current editor yet, as my client is still determining when we are converting his HTML site to a CMS.  Once we do, I'll add to this post to let you know how it goes and how easy it was to set up a members only area, banner ads and cart module. I'm still researching the options for a Mura cart module. We only need something very simple.

The other factor in recommending Mura is their support. I get a human – scratch that – a KNOWLEDGABLE human when I call. If no one is available, within minutes I have an email asking if I want to chat on the phone or via email.  Their follow up is terrific and ability to help me think through achieving my client's goals for their site.