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The New Internet Copyright Alert System


A coalition of major entertainment companies and Internet service providers (ISPs) is creating the Center for Copyright Information to crack down on Internet piracy. The ISPs, including AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Verizon, have agreed to send "Copyright Alerts" to Internet subscribers when their connections are being used to illegally download content owned by the major entertainment companies. The first alerts will provide educational information, but if a subscriber receives multiple alerts and fails to respond, the ISPs may limit the user's connection speed or block the user from accessing the Internet.

ISPs have not agreed to provide subscriber names to the copyright holders, and they will allow subscribers to request independent review if they feel they were wrongly accused. However, the ISPs plan to charge a $35 filing fee for each request for such a review, and the party requesting the review must provide contact information which will then be available to the entertainment companies if the party requesting the review alleges certain defenses, such as permission from the copyright owner.


Please feel free to DuBuff Law Group if you need any assistance with any Copyright Alert you receive or if you have questions about whether your online activities might be infringing someone else's copyrights.
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