Poetic Portrait Of July Fourth Fireworks by Mike Sinclair

Now, if I play the National Anthem as viewing this, it's all over and I'll be sobbing with gratitude.  Read the story to learn more about this photo and order them, they are selling out fast.  From FastCompany Design:


Even if you’re not feeling particularly patriotic this Fourth of July, you'd still like to support our nation's best artists, right? Here’s an easy way to do just that: by buying a Fourth of July #2, Independence, Missouri, print from the esteemed architectural and fine-art photographer Mike Sinclair, available from 20×200, a site dedicated to bringing good, affordable art to the Internet masses.

Sinclair recalls the moment he took the shot, an atmospheric evocation of modern-day Americana:

I remember this evening included some speeches, introductions of prominent citizens and a band concert that included a few numbers with a children's choir. I think the Declaration of Independence was read aloud. The lawn was full of people — some picnicking, some just there for the fireworks. A group of Civil War enactors had set up camp at the far edge of the lawn.

The haziness, Sinclair says, is the combination of Missouri’s humid July weather, the fireworks, and smoke from Civil War–era cannons fired while the band played Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture.

The limited-edition prints are museum quality and come with a certificate of authenticity, numbered and signed by the artist. If you’re interested, you better be quick: Two of the four sizes have already sold out!

[11"x14" prints go for $30, while 24"x30" goes for $1,000. Buy yours at 20×200]