A tribute to a talented entrepreneur who happens to be a woman and mom

Having moved from a fabulous group of PR professionals in Orange County, CA was difficult.  I thrived at the roundtable discussion groups that brought 'competitors' together to help solve each other's client challenges, promote each other's charities and support and cheer for each other on a monthly basis.

I moved to Beaverton, OR and found Mamapreneurs aka, The Power MOB.  Social Media Expert, Graphic Designer and Entrepreneur – Marlynn Schotland led this band of professional mothers who were caught in the in-between of play groups that were all mom and networking groups that we all business.  She had a need and turned it in to a vision and then shared it with any woman who was in her predicament.  I found my networking home.  We would talk business, shoes, kids; laugh, cry, cheer and get really… errr.. supportive (not really the word, but let's keep it friendly) if anyone messed with one of us.  We combined all facets of our lives because we are a sum of all of these facets that create the jewels we each recognize.

28384_389866852757_737792757_4045892_280930_n Marlynn has continued to grow and evolve. And in this evolution of her personal and professional lie, The PowerMOB needed to become a closed chapter in her life.  The friendships and business connections I have made through this group are priceless.  Many will continue long after The PowerMOB website is no longer a living, breathing place to hang out.  I am grateful to have been a part of this nurturing, exciting and inspiring group of women.  I loved that we all were our own businesses. The businesses are not our hobbies, they are not someone else's idea – the businesses we have are our own and that makes us different. Our businesses live and die with us alone.  We may have employees, suppliers and contractors that help us but we are at the core of the success of our businesses with our own visions.  This is what it is to be an entrepreneur. Gathering other entrepreneurs who are WOMEN and MOTHERS is a powerful gift to us all.

Thank you, Marlynn.  You are my friend.  I treasure you.

No links necessary.  They will not last, but their influence will for a lifetime.