Don’t forget to keep your clients updated.

It's easy to get into a reaction only mode with clients, but we need to remember to reach out and catch them up on what you've been doing or learning lately.  Share the excitement of new knowledge, techniques, products or services that may benefit them.

Sometimes being so immersed in work or learning allows us to forget to talk about the new knowledge.  Are you expanding your services?  Adding new features to a product?  Why not make a video about it?  A video is a great way to give a long-lasting personal message with your voice to share the information or features.  Keep them to just a few minutes, as your client's time is precious.

Push Out Your News:

Create a newsletter that recaps your month or talks about upcoming training, events or product releases. You can include a still shot of your video and link to it from the newsletter.  Just because you don't find your typical month exciting doesn't mean your followers and clients won't find it interesting.  Think of it as a business lunch or cocktail party where you just recap what you've been up to lately.  You'd be surprised how many people will want to know more.

Then, you'll also have a series of articles to drip out the same month as blog posts.


If you need help setting up an account to create newsletters, writing your newsletter or coming up with a plan, drop me a note and I'll help you get started.