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Welcome SLMA Members, industry professionals, newsletter subscribers.  Thank you for clicking on my logo from website.

I've been working with Jim Obermayer for nearly three years as he has grown this organization through marketing efforts, word of mouth, and a lot of hard work. It's an honor to work with a man of such high integrity.

Cleaning up websites that are just a mess of conflicting styles, or the result of many old web developers, and outdated content is one of my favorite services.  I love reogranizing your online presence to help you clearly state your message and get those new customers in the door as fast as possible. I feel it's important to maximize any writing effort you are paying for, so being able to distribute your message effectively is very important.

I also realize that we cannot all keep up with the demands of social media and sometimes a little assistance is needed. I can step in there, as well.

I enjoy writing for clients, although I'm not a technical writer.  I write to entertain and slip in your messages, products and promotions to keep your site visitor engaged and help your search engine rankings and "sharing" appeal.

Lately I've been on a roll with membership organizations and medical companies.  Odd combo, I know, but I'm having a ball.

Some of these clients include:

If you are interested in my services, please let me know: / 503-372-5444