Sometimes you have to take a break to get out of yourself.

It's been a great Monday. We started out happy, the children were off to school, I had great projects to work on. Then I received an email that stopped my day dead in its tracks.  A classmate of my son (6), lost her mother to colon cancer on Friday.  She's an only child and I cannot imagine the sadness and fear she and her dad are going through right now. 

I waited until my son got home from school. He was quite sad for his friend. She told the class all about what happened and answered the questions from her classmates the best she could. They all wanted to know how they could help her not be so sad and how she felt.  He and I picked out fabric from my Binky Patrol stash. Thank you Tony Hoffman of Hoffman Fabrics for allowing me to always have a stash of amazing fabric at the ready for days like this.  The back was going to be an owl costume for my son. We promptly decided to change that plan and use it on this project.

DSC06310 There are times when work has to be set aside.  I'm grateful for my flexible schedule.  I'm grateful for my clients who agree with me when it comes to this type of hiccup in schedule. A client/friend (frient) asked me a question the other day, "Is it sunny there, Susan?" 

I replied, as any good Oregonian would in September, "Nope, starting that rainy season early."

He responded, "Ah, yes, but it's still sunny, there are just some clouds in the way." 

I loved that and it inspired this quilt, "Sunshiny Day."  I hope this gives our neighbor some bright spots and a reminder that someone is always thinking of her and cares, even if they are not there with her.