Ever wonder how to delete old gmail contacts from being suggested?

Since all of my accounts come and go through gmail, I had a huge amount of contacts. And, as people delete old account, I was annoyed that when I created a new message to them, their old accounts kept being suggested even though I updated their records in my contact information.

Has this happened to you?  In gmail there are two lists of contacts.  Click on "contacts" under the left column navigation.  Then, click on "other contacts."  THAT is the list compiled from everyone you've ever replied to, old or new.  Find the contacts you want to delete or merge and go through your list. Save and then try to send an email to one of those folks.  Only the emails you left alone will be suggested and primarily those brought in from your "contacts" list.

I hope this helps you thin out and avoide sending your correspondence to outdated email addresses.