Have a product? There’s a gift guide blog ready to take advantage of you.

As a subscriber to many lists that call for entries, editorials, responses, I'm floored by the number of blogs that blatently ask for free stuff to "review" for their gift guides.  Most have fewer than 1,000 subscribers to their blogs and are still hoping you'll send them your products to review without the possiblity of return.  Some even get very specific with the requests asking for personal beauty items, electronic gadgets, etc.

Those with products all want better exposure for those products, you'd be better promoting to your own lists, cross-promoting on "friend" sites, donating to a charity or sponsoring a charitible event with a big list so you can be linked in there AND do some good for others.

Be wary of those offering to promote your product for free, for the simple cost of a cross link and your item sent to them without guarantee of review.  It's not like the days when Oprah's people would latch onto something new and exciting, she'd share it and you were set for years with sales.  Free isn't always good.

If you still want to send people your cool items to review – check out the blog to see how many people subscribe, check out their Facebook page to see how many likes.  If you are happy with the numbers, go for it.

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