Site Launch – Ribary & Associates – Tia Ribary

Sc_tiaribaryThis morning the new launched.  Tia and I met through Women Entrepreneurs of Oregon.  She worked miracles in my office, helped me think differently about organizing and was ready to revamp her website.  Actually, she was ready to blow it up and start over.  With the aid of Maggie Palmer's copywriting and my design/build she has a new WordPress site that gives her a unique, not purchased template look and allows her to engage with her clients and associates through blog posts, twitter and other venues.  The goal was to quickly spell out all of the services offered by Ribary & Associates, state Tia's role in the business community and engage the visitors quickly. Tia is pleased, as am I. The site is uplifting and accomplishes all of her goals.

Sc_tiaribary-beforeIt was a pleasure to design this site after I had redesigned her logo at the beginning of the year.  Image at right is the "before."