Aspire to be more than most people would imagine you could be


After teaching Art Lit today I noticed a series of art hanging on the wall outside the classroom door.  During Martin Luther King week, the first graders were asked about what they want to be when they grow up to make a difference. These are first graders so the answers were the usual:  soccer player, ninja, teacher.  But one stood out to me and made me smile – this student went beyond what anyone would expect. This boy finds himself in trouble from time to time and gets into mischief, yet when asked the question, he had a simple but grand reply, one word:


How wonderful if we all aspired to such a simple greatness in the service of others.  Why not "Hero?"  It sums up so many other professions – doctor, teacher, police officer, coach – hero.  What do you aspire to?  Challenge yourself to stretch – take the risk – say it out loud.

Thank you, Skyler, for inspiring me today.