Maggie Palmer – MKP Creative PR, Design, Marketing and more.

Maggie Palmer and I met through Women Entrepreneurs of Oregon (WEO).  We work in similar arenas; have similar, yet unique styles.  I respect Maggie's dedication to WEO, to her clients and her family.  She's a pleasure to collaborate with on any project.  She'll keep you focused, on target, and on budget.  She thinks outside the box and leaves you smiling when she's completed a project for you.

Maggie K. Palmer

A bit about Maggie's business, MKP Creative:

MKP Creative isn't a PR Agency, and it's not a design, ad, or marketing firm. It's a hybrid. Maggie Palmer – a writer, former television producer and marketing executive – started the Portland based company to give businesses an alternative to hiring big agencies, or paying for separate freelancers to do different aspects of marketing and PR. This creates a cohesiveness to marketing plans that doesn’t exist when you have too many people working separately, and hits the bottom line for your budget that’s difficult to attain when working with traditional agencies.

We spend time on-site with the client, learn every facet of how their products or services work, consult with the sales team to see how they do their job and who the customer is. Then we create a cohesive communications plan that blends social media marketing, blogger outreach, SEM and SEO work, traditional print PR and direct email campaigns, as well as coordinating media buys and print ads.

Clients include small local businesses, beauty and wellness industry leaders, tech start-ups and non profit clients. Each campaign is different, and our clients typically see a dramatic boost in business within 3 months. MKP Creative also offers social media training for individuals, businesses & groups.

I asked Maggie Palmer what she likes best about working with her clients. She lit up with enthusiasm as she shared, "I enjoy the enthusiasm and energy clients bring to my day. I love going from a meeting with a tech start-up who is inventing something that will change the way the public and corporations do business, to a meeting with a non-profit who is finding better ways to help those less fortunate, to ending my day with a company in a field I once knew nothing about, like veterinary anesthesiology. Every day for me is like graduate school, where I continue to learn and grow not only in my craft of public and media relations, as well as social media and Internet Marketing, but as a person being exposed to new fields and ways of looking at the world. I enjoy the challenges and successes of working with clients, and it gives me great joy to see them tell their stories online, in printed press, on the radio and on television- knowing they didn't pay for an 'advertisement' but that we 'earned' the media for them by being great story tellers. It gives me a lot of pride to be a modern-day story teller on behalf on my clients, and my competitive side enjoys the thrill of the perfect pitch, the 'yes' from the media, and the moment of success as I watch my clients appear in print or on TV."

When asked what piece of advice she would give her cilents, she told me, "My one piece of advice I give my clients, and I want to share with everyone, is to embrace your success. So often, my clients shy away from the media attention- even though that's what they're paying me to garner for them- because they feel not worthy, or nervous, or afraid to make a  mistake. Perhaps they are secretly sabotaging themselves and their own success- I haven't quite figured it out yet. But, I want them to embrace the attention- all of us have a wonderful story to tell, and we don't need to pay heaps of money for full page advertisements all the time. We can tell our story through a blog, on social media, or in the media. My clients are gifted at what they do and should embrace the attention. I enjoy telling the story and building relationships on their behalf. Embrace what you do, who you are, and what you're offering to the world- and when people finally take notice, take your place in the spotlight and own your moment. Life is too short to back down from things that frighten you!"