When naming files, please don’t use spaces or special characters.

Here’s a tip, if you want everyone to be able to view the file or page you created, take some care when you name it. This goes for PDF files, Excel, Word and the like.

Different browsers treat a space in a file name differently. Chrome is NOT a fan of poor naming styles.  Naming a file: My Favorite! house.jpg could mean: my%20favorite!%20house.jpg or My%20Favorite&#33%20house.jpg. Getting the picture?  You will end up with broken links, frustrated recipients and you will look unprofessional.

You may think all browsers should understand when you name files with parenthesis in the name, mixed cases, special characters, etc.  PLEASE learn to do it the universal way:

  • ALL LOWERCASE: antarctica.html, 02092012antarctica.jpg
  • NO SPACES: favorite-food.htm, feb-29-leap-year.jpg
  • NO SPECIAL CHARACTERS: mr-browns-cant-and-wont-day.jpg

Following these suggestions will ensure that people can easily view the links and images you send.