Site Relaunch: Wade Perry Properties


Wade Perry is a Real Estate Broker in the Denver, Littleton area of Colorado. He’s been enjoying a lot of growth.  With this site re-launch, we started a new video series highighlighting business owners in the Littleton area through interviews.

Wade wanted an easier way to bring in current listings without duplicate effort.  He has incorporated an IDX solution to bring in more listings to make it easier for his clients and neighbors to find properties through a broker they trust and rely on for current market information.

We also merged his blog with this new site, which is in a WordPress format to allow adding new features with little effort and maximizing the effectiveness of each post. The conversion and switchover of the site took a few weeks and we continue to catch up with the old content.  Frankly, Wade is so busy helping neighbors find new homes, we haven’t had the time to spend on old items because we are so busy adding new items.

Wade Perry had been my client for a few years and we enjoy collaborating together on print ads for local sports programs and magazines, as well as creating new interest through features like the “Working with Neighbors” interview series.  This is further enhanced by exposure on his YouTube channel.