Linkedin Group Moderation Services

Where is your time best spent when it comes to Social Media, networking, education and client services?  Only you know the answer.  I'm finding the first thing that clients let go of as they run out of time is the timely moderation of LInkedin Groups they have created. As the groups become more popular, the need for nearly daily moderation grows.

Are you groups plagued with people promoting their "stuff" daily?  Posting links to only articles they produce and never inviting conversation?  These types of posts can degrade the value of the group.  The Linkedin Groups should be a place for lively, topic/industry-related subjects that invite feedback from the group members.

Many groups I moderate are filled with people seeing it as another free venue to hock their wares.  The same people seem to post the same types of links daily.  This is where assertive moderation comes in to play.  Depending on the group, these people and their posts shoudl be blocked, removed and – well – just asked to leave.   Do you have time for this monitoring?  If not, I can help.  You want to offer value, integrity and credibility with your Linkedin groups.  You don't want the quality members who would contribute wisdom, new ideas and conversation to leave because they are tired of being spammed with self-promotion posts.

Set a budget and ask for help. Is it worth $100/month to you?  How much more could you get accomplished by networking and posting items of value if you didn't have to moderate the spammers?  Is your groups very active and large?  Perhaps $150/month?  This would allow me to go in daily and moderate activity, check out potential group members' profiles to approve or not.

It's good to know that you can't do it all and when to bring in a professional to help you with the tasks you prefer not to do.

Drop me a note and I'll check out your group and give you a quote and recommendations for a budget. It may end up pretty painless.