Michael Stevens, Mid Century Italian Art Glass Expert

My friends and their businesses

Mike Stevens and I are what I call "forever friends."  We don't see each other regularly, we went for decades without talking, yet when I do see him or visit with him, I'm immediately comfortable.  We've reconnected on Facebook, and have known each other since we were five and six.  We grew up in the same neighborhood in La Palma, California.  Something I have always been able to say about Mike, he's NICE – just plain nice.  I don't recall he was ever mean to anyone, didn't cheat anyone – although he has a wicked sense of humor.  I trust him.

I recently found out he and I have something in common – we both love and appreciate art glass.  He's taken it much further.  He's become a Murano glass expert and a Mid-Century Italian glass expert in collecting and helping collectors add to their own galleries.  This is not his full time career, but it is his full-time passion. You can see some of his current offerings on eBay here.

I asked Mike what got him interested, "I found it interesting and seemed to be able to pick out pieces that other people would miss.  It's a way to make money on the side and stay out of trouble."  He spoke further about his interests, " The largest glass museum in the world is Corning New York. One of these days I'll make it to Vienna. Although Austria has some great antique glass called Loetz glass. Southern California is a great place to find stuff. People travel far to get here to look for the treasures."

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Visit Mike's store on eBay.  It changes frequently, so don't miss your next favorite piece of Italian art glass