Progress and Success are a Matter of Perspective

Sometimes we compare our progress and success to those around us without truly knowing from where they started. Successes can be huge and small at the same time.  They key is to strive for it, push yourself to improve – even in the smallest steps.

I know this because I'm watching my brave husband who due to a systemic infection is tackling his next achievement  – learning to walk with a prosthetic leg, after he masters just holding his body weight with one leg.  He is handling it with dignitiy, positive attitude beyond any strength I've seen from him. He's a VERY strong man inside and out.  This has elevated him in my mind beyond what I thought possible.

We had enjoyed watching Princess Bride for the umpteenth time with the children Friday night before the infection started to shut down his body. We had no idea what was coming.  This clip seems perfect to share about small achievements considering how close we came to losing him this week.  Thank you for allowing me to share this personal moment in my week. 

Thank you to may family-like clients who are loving us through this and giving me generous deadlines.  You are appreciated by our entire family.

Recognize your small achievements as you get closer to your goals. They all count. An artist, Steve Hanks had a beautiful watercolor of children pulling each other in a wagon on a tree-lined street.  The title was, "The Journey is the Goal."