Before launching a press release with call to action, make sure you are ready.

Follow through with Social Pull campaign release from SIlverpopWhile posting a press release for a client to share news received from a company, I decided to actually read the entire press release, follow the 'call to action' and click on the page linked from the company webpage that talked about this new service.  I was intrigued. From Silverpop's home page I went to the "sample link" on this page: 

First, I had to LIKE the page and give up my information just to see this sample.  I liked, and assumed once I gave my info, I'd get a link to the 8 Tips guide. Of course not. Can't miss the opportunity make my phone ring. 

The view AFTER liking AND giving my info was less than impressive.  There needed to be information about how this works. They should have posts and images, as least a sample logo demonstrating how this ties into Social Pull, a link to a video on the page I just liked to demo it a bit more. They have my info, why not educate me while I'm paying attention and interested?  This is a lost opportunity to keep the interest going before someone calls or emails me.

Right now I'm driving and exploring with an open mind and my journey fell flat with the sample page.

The sample is very skeleton like and not impressive. It is supposed to make me want to sign up for this service through SIlverpop.

it's a reminder to have someone  outside your "inner circle" test the entire process to make sure the company looks good all the way through asking for the order or information.  By the time someone calls or emails me, I'm already disapointed, irritated and a bit bewildered how this works since there is little or no explanation.  I have the time NOW to learn, not later when they call me while I'm on another call with a client.

TEST your campaigns. Make sure it makes sense to anyone who follows through with your call to action. Give them value for their personal information immediately.

If emails are listed and phone numbers are listed, take the extra two minutes to CALL the number and send a TEST EMAIL just to make sure it will be received.

What is the "thank you" page after they submit info?  Do they feel valued?  Is there continued information to excite them about your latest product or service?  Better keep their interest and excitement going!    Sometimes it's your one shot at a new lead.