Changing your main URL in Typepad – 6 steps – one of them is painful.

Keep deleting from Typepad, Keep waiting for TypepadRecently I got around to switching my site to WordPress. I put it off because I was with Typepad and they make it nearly impossible. It was a hotsage situation, or at least felt like it.  Sure you can export your blog, but what is really included?  No pages, no comments, no files. There is no FTP method or file manager to download in bulk. You have to get each one individually.

But this article is about what to do if you are stuck with Typepad, as I am for a while, and you need to change the main URL of your Typepad master account.  My Typepad OVERALL account was Even though I have subdomains and main URLs pointing to specific blogs in my account, the overall uplooads all stem from the OVERALL URL:  Poor planning on their part. This presented a problem when I wanted to move my site and remove the mapped domain to hosted WP. 

I was able to export all posts and import into WP.

I removed the domain mapping for Typepad to allow my new WP site to become  My still points to Typepad.  Just didn't have the energy to switch that as well because the links will all be lost since the export of a Typepad blog doesn't use conventional permalinks and date formatting.  Have to customize it in the WP admin.  Another day.

Here's the sticky part; the 18 blogs under my Typepad professional account for a dozen clients all had images uploaded, insterted into posts. They did not get uploaded with the specific blog's URL, but with my OVERALL URL! Yeh, broken images EVERYWHERE.  It's been a mess.  There is no way to do a mass change through Typepad. Their support is no support, "Sorry, we don't currently offer any type of solution…"

Here's what I had to do:

  1. Export the blog (posts only, remember).
  2. Open in Notepad and do a find and replace for the old one to the new DEFAULT/OVERALL URL for the Typepad account – probably something like:
  3. Save
  4. Log into Typepad.
  5. DELETE ALL POSTS – ALL OF THEM. It will get stuck. You'll have to start over, close the browser, try again.  It just gets stuck on Typepad.
  6. Once they are all gone, import your text file – typepad to typepad.  Smooth.  Deleting was not smooth – AT ALL, but import was simple and all broken image issues were resolved.