Don't just stand there stirring, do something.

Jam Aerobics: Step away from the mouse and pick some berries

It's that time of year in Oregon where my weekends have large chunks of time either picking berries or making them into jam.  I thought about my lack of exercise lately and figured I could do two things at once. I'm prone to doing that, but thought I'd share the thought.  It used two of my favorite gadgets:  My iPhone loaded with my summertime playlists and my Jambox by Jawbone.

I took the children to collect six buckets of Willamette raspberries, Obsidian blackberries and Hood River strawberries. I call them out by name, because it does matter. Just ask anyone who lives in Oregon and loves berries. One bucket yields five tall jars of jam.  Each batch takes 25 minutes of constantly stirring at the stove.  That's a lot of time standing there stirring with my usually overtaxed mousing hand.  I decided to get a workout while stirring.

I got the playlist cranked up on the Jambox – love that little portable boom box – and was ready to get JAMMIN'!

Every thirty seconds I changed activity: back leg lifts, side leg lifts, squats, isolations for my middle and jogging place. What I found is that the time flew by, I kept my heart rate up and ended up with 5 jars of raspberry jam.  Not bad.  One bucket down, three to go.  I'll have to rest more between batches.

Many of us work from home, many of us use a computer and SIT all …. day… long or drive in a car. We don't move our bodies enough.  While sitting at your desk, try simple thigh lifts or isolations. Don't forget to take your breaks by stretching your shoulders BACK from the keyboard and texting positions every two hours.  Your arms and back will thank you.