Networking Advice by Hank Blank, Networking Guru and Respected Professional

Hank Blank http://www.hankblank.comHank Blank is one of those people that when you read his writing, you are drawn into to an interesting, sincere, and affable man.  You WANT to know him, call him a colleague, mentor, and friend.  But he doesn't take those classifications lightly.  He's a true networker and teaches about networking through articles, speaking engagements and training sessions.  He's not a guest to miss!

He was a recent guest on SLMA Radio. I'm glad I was able to hear the show. Feel free to skip in 6 minutes to get right to the interview. Listen Now:  [00:50:14m]:  | Download | Embeddable Player

The second half of the show, Jim Obermayer turns the microphone over to Hank and get your notepads out.  Some of the highlights from the first half included:

He told us stories of his history in advertising. 

"It was about building networks and relationships. People make a mistake by thinking networking is going to an event.  It's an attitude of engagement. If you engage with  all of your encounters, you'll have a much richer life.  You see people on their crackberries, zombies, walking into walls and other REAL in-person people hoping that their next job will come through a tweet, post, email.  What they miss is that if they are engaged with real people they will be more fulfilled and create real engagement and relationships."

This is how you get a meaningful new job and career.  It's about going to your grocery store and knowing the names of the checkers, asking them how their day is. Asking the shop owners of your favorite local businesses, dry cleaners, service stations – do you know the name of any of the people at these businesses? Do you take the time to ask them about their day and business?

Social Networking is very important, but it's just one channel.  You must stay up on the changes. We have to participate in these venues: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.  This is how they work. Your elevator speach no longer matters. You are not likely to make your first impression with a potential employer riding up the elevator to the top floor. First impressions today are traded by your Google presence.  If someone is considering meeting you or hiring you, they are going to do a Google search on you. The new criteria is how high do YOU come up when you Google your name?  You should OWN every one of the first 10 results.

Face time leads to relationships, not Facebook.  Don't forget to meet with real, in the flesh people.  We still have to work at it, you have to have a plan to maximize your networking. We only have so much time in a day. Make the time count.  Most people are totally unprepared.  They show up and toss out their cards, or they forget their cards.  Cards are tucked in their wallets, so they dig them out and there you stand, waiting for this person to dig them out of their pockets.

Networking is NOT socializing. Are you meeting NEW people or just visiting with your friends sitting at a table.  Which do you do, network or socialize at events.

Success is a planned event. Hope to meet someone? HOPE is not a plan. You have to have a strategic approach to networking.

Click the link below to hear the visit with Hank about all aspects of networking and the difference between "likes" and developing true relationships in business.

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