DNS Terminology Explained After GoDaddy “Incident”

This week started a bit rough for a few folks for a few hours. The GoDaddy DNS servers went down affecting an enormous amount of companies that trust them with domain name server services (DNS), hosting, mail, etc. Even if your site was hosted somewhere else, or you used Google for your mail server, if your NAME SERVERS pointed to GODADDY, and your DNS is with them, then no one had a way to get the information to get to your website.

For the majority of companies, this was inconvenient and people worked on other projects on their local computers, made lunch appointments, etc. Some people it brought down their entire communciation, ecommerce sites and more.  It was the cause for many people to breathe into paper bags.  With all of the flurry of panic, there were a lot of geek terms thrown around like: Name Servers, IP addresses, DNS, Domain Registration, etc. This video may explain some of those terms to you and how they are used.