Are you bogged down with fru-fru, fancy plugins and features?

I can't help myself.  I'm decluttering a website, finding neglected areas, sloppy code and cleaning it up. It will sparkle when I'm done and very few people other than those with slow computer and search engines will notice the difference, but it will run more efficiently, have correct dates on posts for the spiders to see current content, benefit from added branding on PDF files, and more. I get so excited with these projects!

Is your site running slower than normal? Have you recently added new features, functions or changed up your look? You may be suffering from over-fru-frued site syndrome. It's common now that any client has the capacity to add plugins until your site is bloated like a Macy's balloon.

Don't panic, you may be able to fix this yourself.

1. First identify what isn't working well.

2.Try to remember when it first started "breaking."

3. What have you added or changed on your site lately?

4. If you have simply gone on a plugin-palooza, let's back up.

5. Turn off ALL plugins – just for a while.

6. Then, add back in the ones you MUST have: Askimet, sliders for your home page, contact form?

7. Did you add one of those MOBILE packs? SEO plugins? Events? Fancy WISYWIG editor?  Those usually don't play nice with many other widgets.  Test the speed of your site and functionality of the MUST haves and see how it works. You may simply need to find a differnt version with the same function as the ones constipating your site.

8. Test again, delete the nasty ones.

9. All better?

10. If you are still stuck or it's beyond just plugins, time to contact your web professional to help you.  They may have come across the problem, or perhaps they created it with sloppy or outdated code.