Happy Holidays from My Family

We printed, what I thought was enough of these. Our list grew this year and the requests came in for their cootie catchers. Thank you, Martha Stewart for the ideas. Our children LOVE cootie catchers.

We had a blessed year surrounded by family, friends, outstanding and fun clients. I looked forward to each day of work because of all of my creative, supportive, enjoyable, honorable, intelligent, patient clients. THANK YOU to my clients and their teams. You are an honor to work for and with:

Claudia, Bart, Madalina, Raymond, Adam, Aaron, Lyle, Caryn, Caisie & Brenda, Greg & Linda, Paul, Frank, Barbara, Byrum, Whitney, Sam, Bryan, Wes, Drew, Jeff, Valerie, Joey, Steve, Wendy, Kristin, Genevieve, Liz, Jack, Jodi, Kay, Bob & Lynne, Kristen, Linda, Michael, Mindee, Michelle, Charis, Crystal & Mike, Cionne, Tom, Matt, Rebecca & Scott, Dominic, Linda, Laurie, Kurt, Jim & Sue, Nancy & James, Matt, Valerie & Doug, Tia, Mark & Paige, Mari Anne, Wade & Laurie.

A blessed New Year’s to you all.

Finch Family Holiday Card 2012
Finch Family Holiday Card 2012
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