1099 Time – have one handy

It’s that time of year when we are either filling out forms so that we can receive 1099s, or we are requesting them from people we have paid who are NOT incorporated. I’m not a fan of mailing things with my social security number. I have also not been successful in obtaining an EIN to protect my SSN – so I prefer to email my form to my clients encrypted. First step is to get the form filled out. Here’s where you download the 2013 version in PDF.

Next, if you have Photoshop or another graphics program you use, you can open the PDF and fill it out with any font you want – (hint: just use a basic sans-serif font like Arial to make it easy to read – black type).

Then, you’ll need to “sign it.” I scanned my signature and created a BMP file of it, I brought it into the form “graphic” and used the “multiply” setting to make it transparent, resized it to fit on the line neatly. Then, print to PDF and save it in your accounting folder to make it easy to find. Name it something logical SMF2013-1099form.pdf

You don’t have to specify the company – just your info. Send it out or upload to the secure document site of your choice and send the link to your client with any password.

Remember: we pay taxes because we made money. That’s a good thing and it’s nothing personal. Don’t get poopy about it. You should receive and send all of your 1099/W-9 items to be received on or before January 31.