Entrepreneurs start at an early age: Girl Scout Cookie Sales

My daughter Savannah has been a proud member of Girls Scouts for six years. I’ve been her leader for five. Troop 40223 is starting of 2013 Cookie PreSales. This means, you pick the cookies you want to eat, donate or give to people from the flavors below. Savannah has been taught by professional members of Women Entrepreneurs of Oregon about sales lead management, lead nurturing, ROI. She attends networking events, gives her 30 second pitch about her mission, position and asks for the order. She keeps her sales sheets from previous years to follow up with her annual customers. They know her, they ask about her in the grocery store. She remembers them and makes that annual connection. After the order, she follows through by delivering them with a hand-written thank you note of appreciation. Valuable lessons she is learning early. I don’t tell her all of those sales lead management terms – I just talk to her about follow up and being polite, remembering the people from last year. Tell us how many boxes and then when we deliver them at the beginning of February, you’ll pay us then.  Pretty easy, huh?  You can also use the form at the right and DONATE boxes to our local area shelters and the military serving our country.

$4/box due when we deliver, unless you are donating or want them mailed.  Checks can be made to Girl Scouts with “cookies from Savannah” in the memo. We have to charge for shipping since the troop only makes $1/box. She has a one case minimum for shipping, otherwise it costs too much for the customer. She researched the break even point and when it is just too silly to bother. You can use PayPal on the troop website: http://ortroop223.com

TUBM Thank U Berry Munch
Cookie sweetened with creamy white fudge chips. Cranberries provide a delightful tartness and crispy rice delivers a satisfying crunch!

Tasty shortbread cookies.  These are the original.  It’s a great dunking cookie.
ThinMints Thin Mints
Thin wafers covered with mint chocolate.  These are one of the favorites. They freeze well and are great in shakes!
Do-si-dos Crunchy oatmeal cookies with peanut butter filling.  Kind of reminds you of the peanut butter squares you had in a cafeteria lunch – in a good way.
Samoas Samoas
Vanilla cookies covered with caramel, rolled in toasted coconut and striped with chocolate
Tagalongs Tagalongs
Peanut butter-covered cookies with a chocolate coating.  Another candidate for shakes. They don’t freeze well – you’ll want to eat Tagalongs right away!

Dulce de Leche

Inspired by the classic confections of Latin America, these sweet, bite-size cookies are rich with milk caramel chips.

Cookie_sav-smiles.jpg.220x210_q100 NEW FOR 2012 – TADA!   SAVANNAH SMILES
Crisp lemon cookie dusted in powdered sugar.  These are destined to become a favorite.