Jeff Fischer, PhD founder of Core Career Coaching

Interview with Jeff Fischer – Be a natural, you can’t help but succeed.

Susan Finch interviews Jeff Fischer, PhD of Core Career Coaching on SLMA Radio. He’s been featured on Ted Talks, has been invited around the world to bring out the best in sales people. Jeff has a way of helping you achieve confidence while getting you wound up for more success than you have ever asked for. Spend a positive hour, learn some tips and start your short list of attainable goals and new behaviors to knock your sales sheet out of the ballpark! They are going to talk about the conflict between the numbers you are expected to generate and the quality relationships to build your base of loyal and “forever” clients. You can’t just tell them what is safe and what they think they want to hear. You are doing them a disservice.

Join them for this lively conversation.

“Your biggest risk is that I’ll tell you what you want to hear instead of what I really think because you control my compensation.”

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