When a key person steps down, who will pick up the ball?

With Pope Benedict II’s announcement that he’s “retiring” later this month, it made me think about how much pressure that puts on the rest of his team to find a replacement, fill in obligations with a yet-to-be-named person, rewrite documents, update website bios, replace managers of twitter accounts, and iTunes’ channels. The Catholic Church has a lot to get done in a short period of time. In addition to these items, they have their regular graphics to keep updated or just create in the first place. Don’t let this happen to you and your company due to staff changes. Make sure all profiles are current if they list staff members, images of your products, key staff members and other critical information such as email, web address, specific links to perhaps old pages, mailing address.

On to social media profile graphic needs

With all of our social venues, ways to connect in business, we have a lot of identities and graphics we maintain. Do you have the basics done? Most of you with businesses have already had your logo created, website created, business cards and signage. If not, let me know if you need help. Once you have these materials, you need to get moving on the other venues that represent your company. Most of them require an icon or avatar, logo, banner, and background. Let’s go through the short list:’

  • Facebook icon for business
  • Facebook banner for business that MISSES the logo/icon in the left of the banner area.
  • Facebook ¬†images/banners of major company events such as start day, new product announcements, installations, growth.
  • Twitter background
  • Twitter icon, bio with key words and personality
  • Youtube icon
  • Youtube background that fits for all common browsers
  • Google+ banner (922 x 250)
  • Google Hangouts banner
  • Google+ headshot
  • LinkedIn headshot
  • Skype headshot and statement

How about events?

Do you have recurring events or appearances? Add an event to Google+, Google Calendar, Facebook Page and your profile.

Make sure you have graphics for these events, and interesting details in the description. Have a catchy headline other than something like, “Sell more, attend our free webinar.” Not very unique. But, “Girl on Fire Refuses to Douse Flame!” may grab their attention, especially with a head-snapping image. They can read on to find out your talking about sharing techniques to stay excited about managing your sales leads successfully.