Become an information provider for your prospects and clients

A prospect is more than someone you are hoping to close in the near future. A prospect can be a valuable resource of referrals, information, or insights. Treat them as a valued resource by becoming a valued resource to them. Respect their time, let them know you listened carefully to them that last time you were in contact whether it was on the phone or via email or even in person. What were the key points of that conversation? Did they share some stand-out moments with you? Did they express interest in gaining knowledge on a topic?

How can you help them gain this knowledge?

Do you have a site search on your website or blog? If so, can you search for key phrases related to the topics your prospect is interested in? You can gather those links, read through them if you have forgotten the content and pass along the links with a well-written subject: Thinking of you and the topic of (BLAH) – they’ll know in their list of emails in their inbox that this email is worth opening.

Keep the email short – being respectful of their time – only send the links with a few lines about them. Stay on topic and don’t use it as your gateway to push your products or try to close a sale. YOU are sending them YOU and your VALUE.

Send happy, helpful emails without asking for anything in return. That’s a true gift.

Did you read through those articles? Some may be old and possibly no longer valuable or accurate. This may be a good time to update them, republish, revisit with more current information. It may even be a time to remove them from the site to keep your overall message current.

Republishing as a fresh article gives you an opportunity to push your content out to the search engines again. With older articles, sometimes it’s worth revisiting, rewriting and expanding into something more current. One of my clients writes about 10 articles each month for a email newsletter. Sometimes the articles are repeats of content published seasonally and annually. Each time the articles are improved with a new photo each time, a slight change to the headline and therefore are VERY effective. They are well-written and helpful articles. Older articles can get buried. It’s a way to bring them to the front again.

Be sure to check older content for older authors, links, emails – do they still work? Is that team member still with your company? You may want to update or remove links.

It’s no different than how good you felt as a kid when Aunt Carmen would send you a cute card with a puppy on it just because she was thinking about you.

What if you don’t have a lot of content? Do you ever read an article that reminds you of someone, a prospect, a strategic partner or client? Take the 20 seconds, copy the link and send it to them with an interesting subject and brief note as to why you wanted to send them this. Take the opportunity to remind them of a conversation you both had.