Remember to support your clients AFTER they purchase your product or service

We have a large tub under a chair in my office. It is FILLED with tools and goodies to make amazing cakes. Cake Boss, Food Network and the like did it to us. We’ve invested in tools that I don’t always know how to use, but the package was compelling enough to convince me that I, TOO could make head-turning cakes like Duff Goldman. I have a friend who is a cake engineer, Fun and Fancy Cakes, so I have the secret recipe for fondant that tastes good. I’m practically there!

Let’s see:

  • product presentation – in this case at Michael’s
  • price point fits budget
  • a need was suddenly created for unplanned purchase
  • closed the deal and I bought the stuff
  • I make beautiful cakes and goodies with these tools.

duffWhat’s missing? AHHH, the practical support for the items I purchased. I’m not talking about the pre-printed written instructions, I’m talking about practical advice for using the tools I purchased. We used the lovely tips, figured out how without going to Youtube to see how to attach the three pieces to the bag in the right order.

But did you know the tips can get stuck if you tighten them a bit too much to prevent leakage? My hands are slippery and don’t come with rubber grippers – the types seniors use to open jars. A handy tip from the manufacturer would be to have basic pliers handy to take the tips apart after use, soak in soapy water overnight, don’t put in dishwasher because they can fly out of the little basket and end up in the elements. Good news is I’ve had enough experience with small parts to figure that out. Perhaps it is the intention of the manufacturer to weed out those not worthy to use “the tools of Duff,” reminiscent of the Abercrombie mentality.

It was a reminder to me that as we sell our products and services, we can’t lose the continuous “touch” of the client with the same wooing practices we did to get them in the first place. Continue to send helpful tips and links pertaining only to their purchase – make it personal. Create materials, videos, articles on your site that will support their purchase, keep them excited about their decision and allow them to be more successful using your company’s services or products. Word of mouth recommendations are your best future customers.