Gmail’s New Inbox Layout Changes it up for Newsletters

I am a fan of most things Google. It’s convenient. I have 10 different mail accounts coming into my mail Gmail account. When I moved my email server to Google, it created issues with duplicity, but that’s a topic for another post.
Gmail recently made a change to their inbox structure.There are categorized tabs and split your mail based on the content and source. 

People can use the categories, or not. They can choose some or all.
It’s split this way:
Primary | Social | Promotions | Updates | Forums
Social will include all updates from social media venues: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and anyone you follow through LinkedIn – their newsletters, etc.
The SLMA newsletter goes into the Promotions category. Anything from Constant Contact, Mail Chimp and other newsletters are regarded as promotional and end up in that tab.
RSS feed subscriptions through Feedburner will go into UPDATES., Airline reservations, receipts, voicemail transcripts from Comcast, all end up in Updates.
Forums tab includes and group discussions through Yahoo, but not other types of forums through proprietary CMS systems. Those still go into Primary.
I’m actually liking it because I can swoop through those during a break and read them and they don’t clutter the main inbox. 
Since Gmail doesn’t preview emails in display like Outlook, adViews are not counted, as usual, until people actually open the newsletter.
This is a reminder for us to create compelling, interesting subjects – the first 8 words are most critical! GRAB THEIR ATTENTION FAST.