Is it a press release or ugly brochure?

Many of you receive enewsletters, digests and summaries of the topics you are interested in. These come from public relations firms, marketing departments and individual bloggers telling you about the topics, products, services and companies you are following.

Since it is now so easy to send out “press releases,” I think we need to get back to the basic definition from Wikipedia:

press releasenews releasemedia releasepress statement or video release is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something ostensibly newsworthy. Typically, they are mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to assignment editors at newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television stations, or television networks.

I’m seeing more and more ugly brochures in my inbox. These are press releases with enough content to fill a five page brochure or simple website.

Here’s an example of one of those announcements that actually went out on Business Wire:

Left Brain DGA Announces Launch of Marketing Intelligence Solution — MiDash

July 17, 2013 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Left Brain DGA, an enterprise-focused demand generation agency, is proud to announce the release of its first product, the MiDash® Marketing Intelligence Platform®.

“MiDash helps us see the entire buyer’s journey so we can optimize our efforts all along the path, not just at the last touch point.”

MiDash helps marketers use email, CRM, web analytics, marketing automation tools and data to improve lead conversions and prove their contribution to revenue.

“Showing ROI is virtually impossible for marketers because most can’t combine data from Salesforce, Eloqua, Google Analytics and the other marketing and sales tools they’re using,” Malcolm Friedberg, CEO at Left Brain DGA. “MiDash pulls these data sources together to help marketers make data-driven decisions in real time.”

Data synchronization and visibility into the many paths to purchase his customers are taking is just what Lenovo’s Steven Barnard needed to intelligently allocate marketing dollars and accurately report on progress.

“We knew we were taking the right approach building more perpetual demand generations programs, but there was more, a lot more we could do,” said Barnard, the senior demand generation manager at Lenovo. “MiDash helps us see the entire buyer’s journey so we can optimize our efforts all along the path, not just at the last touch point.”

What is MiDash?

The MiDash Marketing Intelligence Platform collects data from disparate marketing and sales data sources. By collecting historical buyer behavior activity across multiple platforms and comparing that data to current and past buyers, MiDash helps marketers identify the optimal buyer’s journey based on the shortest path to conversion. The tool helps marketers evaluate content, messaging and overall campaign effectiveness by combining smart dashboards with predictive analytics, visualization of relevant data sources, and revenue modeling capabilities. Now marketers can attribute revenue across multi-channel/integrated lead sources, content and campaigns to maximize marketing spend, speed-up decision making, and accelerate the velocity of marketing qualified leads for faster time to revenue.

Some key features of MiDash include:

  • Integration with Multiple Data Sources – Combine data from disparate systems to provide a single point of truth for the overall business.
  • Cross-functional Analysis Regions – Use analytics, metrics and dashboards across business functions and industry verticals.
  • Responsive Web Interface Across Devices – See a consistent user experience across PC browsers, tablets and smartphones.
  • Vertical Focus – Configure your analytics, charting tools and metrics library for specific verticals.
  • Goals, Alerts and In-App Collaboration – Analyze performance, generate alerts when off-plan issues are identified and communicate to team members via In-App Collaboration tools.
  • Buyer Journey Datasets – Track every contact touch and interaction chronologically to analyze how contacts move through marketing and sales funnels.
  • Self-Managed Analytics and Dashboards – Get started quickly with pre-built dashboards configured based on your role in the business. Modify prebuild dashboards using the Metrics Library or create your own.
  • Metrics Library – Leverage pre-built sets of metrics configured and ready to use by category.
  • Nicknaming of Data Fields – Add a more human-readable nickname to data objects instead of living with confusing computer-generated naming conventions.
  • Data Hierarchy Grouping – Aggregate and label multiple campaigns for a more holistic view of your most high-profile demand generation efforts.

What business challenges does it solve?

Simply put, marketers need to aggregate customer and prospect data, analyze it quickly and put it to use in a way that creates revenue opportunities. MiDash does this and more.

Created in 2011, MiDash is the first Marketing Intelligence Platform made for Marketers to empower deep ROI analysis of marketing activities, multi-channel revenue attribution, and revenue predictability. With MiDash, you now have the power see campaigns in action, maximize your marketing spend, speed-up decision making, and accelerate the revenue cycle. And, with its Smart dashboard creation capabilities, you can share this information with all who need to know. Currently deployed at some of the world’s largest B2B companies, MiDash brings the visibility and knowledge needed for these organizations to grow and thrive.

(CALL TO ACTION — WAIT! That’s for emails, brochures and websites – this is supposed to be a NEWS release!
How can I learn more about MiDash?

For more information about MiDash or to schedule a demo call 650-561-3435, send us an email at or visit us at

About MiDash

Developed in 2011, MiDash is the first Marketing Intelligence Platform made for marketers by marketers to empower deep ROI analysis of marketing activities, multi-channel revenue attribution, and revenue predictability. Now you can maximize your marketing spend, speed-up decision making, and accelerate the revenue cycle. MiDash helps marketers at the world’s largest companies significantly improve the effectiveness of their marketing by illustrating the Buyer Journeys for all of their customers and giving them the power to prove Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI).

About Left Brain DGA

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Left Brain DGA is a leading demand generation agency, serving some of the largest and best-known enterprise brands including Lenovo, Intel, PNC Bank, Sage Software and many others. The agency helps marketing organizations develop and grow successful demand generation programs. Its approach leverages a proprietary demand generation process model – The Left Brain Model™ – powered by marketing automation technology. The agency delivers a full set of services that span strategy, content, technology, analytics and optimization for demand generation programs. Visit or call us directly at 650-561-3435.

I’m all for giving information, but when you merge selling your product with informing about your product you have crossed that line into Ugly Press Brochures. I’m also in favor of maximizing content you have paid people to create for you, but rework it a bit for the proper venues. Recently I visited with several media professionals: Television, Magazine and Newspaper editors. The one key point they talked about with generating interest was to KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE and the format of your desired outlet. The second big point was to keep it short with a catchy headline to grab their attention for their area of focus. Splattershot doesn’t get you a lot of play.

Example: If you have a new restaurant in town and want to get it featured in a local magazine like, “Portland Monthly,” you need to know what they have published recently, their tone, which editors are in charge of which sections. The time you spent gathering this information will greatly increase GOOD placement reaching YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE. You won’t be talking about the fact you serve hamburgers and have a happy hour. You will talk about the local roots of the restaurant, the reason why you are different, how you help the community and tie to other businesses or topics they are passionate about in their writing.

If you sent out a press release like the one above, you may get bombarded by graphic designers presenting your brochure to you in a prettier format hoping to help you out, since you were obviously so desperate for graphic services you had to put it out on Business Wire.

  • Think about your IDEAL target audience.
  • Spend a bit of time tailoring the message you want to present to them.
  • Tailor again for another venue.
  • Find out how their editors communicate best. Some prefer Twitter, some email and some actually take calls from SHORT, CLEAR voicemail messages.