5 Mistakes Women Make in Communication – An interview with Lea McLeod

Lea McLeod, MA and founder of The Job Success Lab will be going through these 5 – what should be OBVIOUS items that get in the way of success in business for women.

She fully admits at a family reunion, she’s hanging with the guys and that she has modeled a lot of her business practices after positive male influences. What she didn’t understand at first is that these 5 communication snafus are not as obvious to women. She decided it was time to have some conversations about this.

A recap of what we covered in this lively discussion filled with self-deprecating stories.

1. The “I’m sorry….” thing that women do.
STOP IT – what are you apologizing for?

Backspace over “sorry…” in your emails. Is that how you start them?

2. VERBOSITY: Get to the freaking point!  
Women use way more stories, use more words. 
Compare the Boy Scout Law to the Girl Scout Law. 15:52 words.

3. Conversation Spanx®: When we minimize what we are saying. Be humble. Men take credit for their success. Women usually give it away to others.

I’m just… but, but, but…  minimizes or negates all that came before it.

4. Question tags – create doubt. 
Example: “I think we should make the budget bigger for this project… don’t you think?” – doubt, lack of confidence…. the squeak – the verbal pitch like a mouse. NON COMMANDING. That’s the soft sell. Create a statement, framework, state your position — THEN invite feedback and opinions.

5. Noodley non-verbals. STOP FIDGETING, take up your space.  Stop nodding your head. Just sit straight, sit still.

How can they find Lea McLeod at LeaMcLeod.com,@leamccleod. She can come to you.