Adapt or Become Irrelevant: Google SEO Changes – HOA Recap

Guests for this HOA included:

Raj Nijjer of GoDaddy, Ben Fisher, Ronnie Bincer, David Amerland, Joshua Berg, Marc Hardgrove and Hulk Hogan – yes, you read correctly.

+Hulk Hogan. +Ben Fisher +David Amerland +Ronnie Bincer +Joshua Berg +Marc Hardgrove +Raj Nijjer 

Constructive and relative comments by: +Jason T. Wiser and +Frank Gainsford

his was a very good HOA, and I was very pleased that each guest commented on the ENGAGEMENT ISSUE which is the true measure of a successful post within the social media. Another issue that was hinted at was posts with ZERO ENGAGEMENT… If a post gets ZERO engagement, do not delete it, but evaluate it and try to determine why, then change your approach and try again.

Frank Gainsford

Man I love that I can watch replays, but so bummed I missed this live! Phenomenal content. Hulk’s business and branding blew me away! I mean of course the man knows marketing, but to hear him lay it out there was inspiring to say the least. What I wouldn’t give to have 30 minutes to pick his brain! +*** this is a long way from one of my favorite Sunday morning cartoons! Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling 01 The Junkyard 500 & Junkenstein Part 1 +Ronnie Bincer’s passion for HOAs exploded, +Mark Traphagen interviewing Hulk is the HOA best 5 minutes of the Year! +David Amerland’s perfectly illustrated connection between semantic web and what Hulk has done in branding is exactly what every brick and mortar a/o small business needs to hear. Branding , emotional connections, commitment to your customers, nurturing relationships… Stop me now! Oh! but wait, +Joshua Berg had to throw out this amazing Tweetable “I believe the winners will be those who reach the user & not the algorithm”. So wonderful to hear form +Raj Nijjer and the changes that are happening over there at +GoDaddy . When it comes to customer support they are the undisputed champion. But the World Champion Belt winner is the orchestrator himself +Ben Fisher you sir, are a marketing genius! Thank you all for making my day wonderful.

Jason T. Wiser

Some shorthand highlights from this HOA include:

Social media, in general, how much do social signals affect your rankings? G+ has had stronger affect on search than any other social media platform. This is due to ability to verify social entities – Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Realize that profiles have page rank, as do communities, business local pages, + mentions. When someone does a +1 mention, it gives that individual mentioned a ‘win’ in ranking, adds to the engagement of the person +1-ing, and passes page rank authority to those profiles, which then helps people rank higher in search results.

Semantic search is trying to identify the way we operate the web. If we met outside a computer screen, without keywords, etc., no introduction, the reason we can communicate in this fashion is because I can decode your intentions without having to say everything.

We use to use search strings, keywords, tags, etc. This created an unnatural way of linking things up. Fast forward to how it is now.Now this is conversational search realm:

1. Begins to understand the content and the page and what it is; not just the words, but how the meaning connects to an entire subject.

2. Begins to understand what we ask it, not just the words, but the intent. Just the timing of when you ask your smart phone for “pizza restaurants” will give you different results – information based at 9am, locations and menus at 1pm when you would be more likely to want to EAT pizza.

3. It is starting to create an artificial intelligence. Think about this: if we had all of the knowledge of the world in our head, it would be useless unless we can connect it in the context of day to day life. Ask a question and get a more perfect answer – that is semantic search in a nutshell.

Raj Nigger:

What you need to convey clearly with your business brand or your personal brand – YES, we are all our brand!
1. Who you are.
2. What you do.
3. Where and when you do it. 

First questions any consultant should ask you or you should ask yourself – you need to know these answers without blinking:
What is your name or business name, what are your services, and where are your customers

Raj talked about the SEO tool on GoDaddy and the thinking behind it and what it is accomplishing. They realized customers don’t want to sit in front of a dashboard, reports – they need to do the services they do – if you can do your taxes online, you can do SEO.

Authorship and how it impacts search was also discussed.

Google is allowing people to use their G+ profiles to identify themselves and connect themselves with any content on the web.
When it happens consistently and regularly, it gives you authority on a topic. They look at comments, engagement, shares – who are the influential content creators. This is a significant change – Google is not just looking at static phrases and content, but identifying entities on these topics.

It identifies who are the trusted brands.

David Amerland: reminded us that we need to connect with someone at the personal level – something that resonates with them. This is just not personally, but as our brand or product brand. He also reminded us that if you can’t find your audience and relate to them in a unique way – you are just a number and you are disposable. You haven’t given them the specific reason to have them connect with you.

Ronnie Bincer – the Hangout Helper gave us a bit of information on Hangouts On Air and why he is their champion. HOA – the magical communication platform. When you turn on the broadcast button – it’s your own free TV network with endless opportunity for syndication and re-runs/replays. It’s amazing and shows up in search results. Content is king! I’m not saying keyword content – reaching the audience, the user, individual people.

Create your title first – catch the user – not the keywords – GRAB their attention!
This is posting on purpose. Some people and companies feel they don’t have anything to post, nothing interesting to talk about. LISTEN: the conversations you are having on a daily basis with your customers – THIS is what you talk about and post about. Is it a recipe, is it something you are proud about? Is it a new offering? A wonderful story about a customer – that’s content.

Remember to take the identity of a business and make sure it is consistent everywhere – should be the same content, worded slightly differently EVERYWHERE – it is still your consistent message. When Google crawls the web, it checks for this consistency and it adds to your weight it shows you are the authority and consistent.

Watch the replay to hear it all. Take notes. Feel free to copy/paste these notes and add to them.


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  1. Susan, many thanx for curating this content discussing Search issues and marketing. These are important aspects of #FUFISM based marketing. FUFISM is a parketing philosophy where the social media forms the core communication element that binds all your marketing, both online and off line into one single super marketing effort.

    These HOA (Hangouts On Air) with Ronnie Binncer and friends are truly great shows.

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