Why are LinkedIn users slow to adopt Google Plus? An HOA Event 12/4

This is a frank discussion as to why some ingrained, comfortable, successful, and influential LinkedIn users have empty circles on G+ and are obviously are not jumping in to grow their Google+ networks or blend them with their LinkedIn network. This will be a live broadcast event through Google+ Hangouts on Air.

  • Why?
  • How will this affect your effectiveness of Google+ and in the search engines? 
  • Is it just too much – too many venues to manage so they stay where it is comfortable?
  • How can you blend the two easier without using the unique “voice” in both venues – yet making it your ONE voice in branding, networking and influencing?
  • What do they dislike about Google+ – besides the fact it’s not clear that you don’t have to have a Gmail account to set up a Google+ profile?
  • Do you feel that your LinkedIn users that are on G+ treat it more like a business Facebook where they post the cutie images and less relevant items for business?
  • Do you feel that LinkedIn rarely has real people there and engaging due to all of the automation to profiles and groups?

Why LinkedIn Users are Slow to Embrace Google+. We covered the reasons people are so comfortable on LinkedIn and why they find exploring Google+ uncomfortable or unnerving due to the fact it is organized differently with Circles, profiles and all of the other tools that are largely under utilized. We also discussed how when you dive into G+ it can be overwhelming due to all of the notifications that find you everywhere unless you go into settings and tone it way back. Mark, Ronnie and I can help you set up your circles (Mark), create your branded graphics and “about” area (Susan), and Ronnie can help you explore some of the possibilities that Hangouts On Air can create for you and your company.

Mari Anne Vanella of the Vanella Group brought some very real examples of why she prefers LinkedIn and is hesitant to dive into Google Plus. She’s had a successful, well formed group on LinkedIn for years. She is in the B2B arena exclusively.Greg Cooper covered additional scenarios of what may hold people back from dipping a toe into Google+. And Ronnie Bincer – The Hangout Helper as well as Mark Vang offered Mari Anne and the rest of you some great suggestions for getting started in Google+. It’s not about bringing everyone over from LinkedIn, it’s about finding some new connections through similar interests and areas of expertise.

We all acknowledged how powerful content is when posted to G+, YouTube through Hangouts on Air and using your authorship tags Google provides to build your reputation as an expert in your field and increase your rank in search engine results. Google+ is how you can search for topics and those people who are engaging and speaking on topics you are following, companies, strategies. You have the opportunity to check them out on Google+ by viewing their profiles, seeing their posts, who is following them and whom they are following and have added to their circles.

REMEMBER: Google+ profiles are about PEOPLE. If your profile is set up under your company name, you may want to change that RIGHT AWAY. Some “profiles” are being flagged when they are a company, rather than a person. PAGES in Google+ are for COMPANIES – similar to LinkedIn and Facebook – Profile – person, Page – company, brand or organization.

The use of Circles and what they are was another big area of discussion. Circles are your way to organize your contacts. Why not do it by how you met them? “Networking group,” “Conference,” “HOA Event,” or how you wish to identify them as prospects: “Potential in 2014,” “Strategic Partner Possibility,” “Dynamic Content.” It’s up to you – you can add people to multiple circles and choose what you share with them, or post it all to the public. There are tracking tools to see your reach as you post content, make comments and engage with your circles. 

We issue you a DARE: We DARE you to devote 10% of the time you spend on social media for business to dipping a toe into Google+ with new posts, creating circles and sharing. Then, at the end of 30, 60 or 90 days, track your increased reach – and depending on how much you engage – your new social media effectiveness in search engine rankings. You don’t need to post often as much as you need to post deliberately and ENGAGE with others.

Susan, Ronnie, Mark, Greg and Mari Anne

We’ll talk about communities in another episode.

+Mark Vang+Ronnie Bincer+Greg Cooper+Vanella Group’s Mari Anne Vanella joined me in this discussion.  Remember, this was a LIVE event and can be viewed on YouTube, Google+. You’ll be able to add comments on YouTube after we are live. We’ll have the embed here.

Mark Vang’s post on Circle Management goes nicely with this show.