Getting Started with Google Hangouts from Ronnie Bincer

I subscribe to Ronnie Bincer’s channel on YouTube. He is THE expert as the Hangout Helper. This 12 minute video was put together so well I had to share it, rather than attempt to recreate. This is your new solution to video calls. Forget the upgraded Skype account – you don’t need it. This is FREE, easy and quick to set up. What he didn’t cover is the fact that you DON’T have to create a gmail account. You can create your Google+ account with an existing email account.

Choose this option instead:

create a google account with your own email address instead

Click on the option to use your own email account if you don’t want to create a GMail email.

If you manage many clients, I would suggest you help them create their individual Google+ accounts with their main email address for the company. This will come in handy for AdWord campaigns, analytics and some of the other fantastic tools Google gives us for the price of tracking what we do.

Once you click the “I prefer to use my current email address” you’ll see this field instead:


Type in your existing email address. If you switch companies regularly, go back and create a Gmail email account, unless you have your own domain.