time to review your site code and template html5

IE11: It’s time to review your site template, css and content code.

With the new year, I’m recommending a template review. Most sites are written in PHP, CFM or HTML code. Some are ASP or other languages. When your site was created, in some cases, there were no smartphones. Most of you have sites more current than that, but code standards are changing with the continued evolution of technology.

Have you heard the term “responsive site?” If you have, you also most likely have a site has been created for you over the past couple of years that relies on stylesheets (CSS) and translates well to handheld devices with much smaller screens. Responsive means your site adjusts and rearranges your content to fit the format it is viewed in: desktop, tablet, smartphone.

If your site has NOT been updated in the past couple of years, or you are simply adding content to older site designs and programming, you may begin to experience a change in how your site is viewed. Internet Explorer version 11 is already causing major problems throughout the web.

I’m not trying to geekspeak you into a coma here, but I want you to know I’m aware of these issues and have been helping several CMS companies troubleshoot and solve their issues.


I’m suggesting that you have me or your in-house developer take a look at your site code to make sure you are not using old, and soon to be outdated tags such as:

<center> (I know of several sites I build a few years ago that have this in the templates.)
<font> – THIS IS HUGE – as it is used by older WYSIWYG editors and even if your editor has been updated, the old code written by previous versions is still there.

Alright, we are some time from HTML5 being the standard as it still has some issues, including security, but when was the last time you reviewed your content and how your site looks in ALL current browsers, including IE11? Smartphone, tablet?  Try some of your “fancier” pages that were cutting edge 5 years ago. You were so proud of your slideshows, flash movies – time to revisit, review and decide what you may need to replace or at least which pages need the code cleaned up. Have your web developer, if it is not me, go through your site and search for these terms. In many cases, “mass replacer” tools can be used to replace the opening and closing tags to save time. Same can be done in most databases.  Can’t hurt to do some house cleaning now.

Share this link with your in-house developer if it is not me:

http://www.w3schools.com/tags/default.aspThis site has a lot of fantastic tools.

If you would like me to evaluate your site and give you a ballpark of time to update your code and templates, please let me know. Great way to start the year with a clean site.