shorten your urls with effective tracking tools

Link Shorteners to track your links

Being limited to 142 characters, the first few in an email preview, etc. every character counts. Why not count how well your items are shared, your events, etc.? Use a link shortener such as Google’s: and

Once you have a quickie account set up, you can create your own shortened links. offers you the ability to customize them, as well. This is great if you are tracking hashtags and short phrases: 
becomes or on with a bit of customization.
Add notes so you know what they were links to and for your visitors. 
This makes sharing easier too. BUT, if you delete that post, the life of the shortened URL is eliminated. You cannot edit the original source if you need to change it. Create these links when you create events on YouTube, G+ or anywhere that you want your guests to share and track. Have them ready as the ‘tips for being a great guest’ email that you sent out to them after they’ve accepted your invitation.